Valenti (Live At Derrick's Basement)

This is a local Alpharetta band entitled Valenti. They asked Meloncholy Productions to record sound and film for them while they performed in their drummer's basement. This is them performing their song "Darkest of Days". They also performed "One Last Time" and "The Murderer". You can continue to their YouTube page if you wish to see more of Meloncholy's work with them.

Crossing Bridges

"Crossing Bridges" is a documentary that details the thoughts behind hard rock and metal guitar. It delves into the past and the present of the genre as well as the overall sound. 

Don't Contribute

"Don't Contribute" was a video made by Gavin Ng, Russell Scarborough, and Tommy Lloyd.  It is a PSA encouraging student drivers to drive responsibly by not texting while driving. This video went on to win a student production award for "Best PSA" for the crew.

The Tables Have Turned

"The Tables Have Turned" is a documentary made by Russell Scarborough to demonstrate the resurgence of vinyl records. Russell won two student production awards for his work on this project. One for excellence in editing and another for best Long Form Non-Fiction.